Table 2 Enriched biological processes
Biological processCountFold enrichmentP value
Sensory perception of chemical stimulus3<0.23.20E-23
Developmental process4681.531.99E-17
Sensory perception of smell1<0.21.17E-16
Intracellular signal transduction2621.674.44E-13
Sensory perception400.383.47E-11
Signal transduction5181.374.18E-11
MAPK cascade1082.161.16E-10
Cell communication5651.341.88E-10
Cell cycle2261.595.55E-09
Nervous system development1731.641.42E-07
System development2481.475.14E-07
Cellular process14611.138.56E-07
Cell death1181.743.21E-06
  • Results of gene ontology analysis of predicted targets of differentially abundant microRNAs in PE placenta conditioned medium compared with healthy placental conditioned medium are listed. P values have been corrected for multiple comparisons using FDR.