Table 3 Top 15 enriched pathways
KEGG pathwayCountFold enrichmentP value
MAPK signalling pathway1062.401.11E-17
Ras signalling pathway892.275.58E-13
Pathways in cancer1271.861.51E-11
Neurotrophin signalling pathway552.648.13E-11
Rap1 signalling pathway792.171.58E-10
PI3K-Akt signalling pathway1121.871.89E-10
Axon guidance532.418.11E-09
ErbB signalling pathway412.721.44E-08
FoxO signalling pathway542.321.98E-08
Renal cell carcinoma332.937.95E-08
T-cell receptor signalling pathway442.469.83E-08
Signalling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells542.229.61E-08
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton711.942.24E-07
Insulin signalling pathway522.174.19E-07
  • Results of KEGG pathway analysis of predicted targets of differentially abundant microRNAs in PE placenta conditioned medium compared with healthy placental conditioned medium are listed. P values have been corrected for multiple comparisons using Benjamini–Hochberg method.