Table 4 microRNAs significantly affected in preeclampsia and by MitoQ-NP treatment
microRNAKnown relevant functions
Up-regulated in PE
hsa-miR-561-5pRegulates 11β-HSD1, which is highly expressed in liver, adipose tissue and CNS [96]
Associated with Parkinson’s disease [97]
hsa-miR-548ai+hsa-miR-570-5pmiR-570 associated with autism [98] and congenital heart disease [99]
miR-570 regulates cytochrome P450 [100]
hsa-miR-196b-5pAssociated with ectopic pregnancy [101]
Associated with endometriosis [102]
Down-regulated in PE
hsa-miR-451aAssociated with type 2 diabetes [103]
  • Listed are those microRNAs that were found to be up- or down-regulated in culture medium conditioned by preeclamptic placental explants, compared with healthy explants, and that were also affected in the opposite direction by treatment of the placenta with MitoQ-NPs but not blank-NPs.